AI in marcomms

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. Literally and metaphorically. And particularly in the world of marketing communications (marcomms).

Is this good? Yes, absolutely. But like all new and emerging trends, be cautious and clever with how you use it, and watch out for the unknowns as well as the knowns.

The pros and cons

AI is getting better and better at learning and producing great content quickly and easily. For busy (who isn’t these days) marcomms professionals, delegating a task which could take them much longer is surely a no-brainer. While AI is researching and writing they can be in a meeting or working on other areas of the same project. So, a good partnership. AI has effectively become a marcomms assistant.

But that’s where the comparison ends. AI is a virtual tool and not a real person. An ‘intelligent’ tool, but nonetheless a tool.

Unlike invaluable human team members who are intuitive, diligent, curious, challenging (and so much more) with a broader understanding of the wider context in which the content is due to appear. And seasoned marcomms professionals who’ve been around a long time (yes I admit to being one…) are able to write in a way that aligns with the company they’re representing and the person whose name will appear alongside the piece. It takes years of experience and knowledge to achieve this. Which is why great content you see has been through so many processes and pairs of eyes before it’s finally signed off. From researching and drafting to fact-checking, editing, and proofing.

The future

The above just scratches the surface of AI’s role in marcomms. As it is now, and as it will be tomorrow and in the future. What is a given is it will be here for a very long time.

Which is why media outlets like the BBC have a whole policy on it and have started to use it to write headlines, major accountancy and consultancy firms are weaving it into their workplaces, and government organisations such as Ofcom have produced lengthy statements and guidance on how and why to embrace it.

In my 30 years as a marcomms professional, I’ve seen a multitude of hot topics and trends crash and burn. Some you know won’t work, others you hope will. Then there are those your gut tells you are here to stay and will change the world: AI is one. Let’s hope it’s well managed and therefore remains for the better.

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