Embracing change

The past month has been full of change.

From intense sun to driving rain and a noticeable shift in the seasons. From a male prime minister leaving and a female prime minister arriving. And, of course, the very sad loss of our much-loved Queen and the welcoming of our country’s new King.

Historically, September 2022 has been seismic. Emotionally, for many, exhausting.

Change is challenging. Human beings are programmed to patterns, they follow routines in their daily lives, and take comfort in the known. Change brings the unknown and, in turn, fear. But it shouldn’t, and we must see it as an opportunity to praise what has passed, consider what is to come, and move forward.

Afterall, it’s what most of us do all the time without even realising it. Otherwise, we wouldn’t switch schools, change jobs, move house, make new friends, and so on.

They say strong people don’t fear change they embrace it. I believe, this month in particular, we have all embraced change. We’ve had to. And it’s a good thing we have. As the saying goes: “Without change there would be no butterflies.”


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Claire Dee

Director and founder of business consultancy Claire Dee Communications.

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